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Keep stress at bay
Many people find that they simply cannot take care of a loved one’s estate while simultaneously juggling the many demands of their own life. You still have to go to work, prepare meals, and care for your children. Others live out of town, and logistics interfere with their ability to settle an estate.

Rest assured, you’re not alone. No matter the circumstances, Amy J. Beatty Valuations can help. Her skilled team will handle every last detail for you!

Let someone else ‘sweat the small stuff’
A lot of people let an overwhelming list of To-Dos stop them in their tracks. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Amy J. Beatty Valuations goes well beyond the sale, offering all of the professional transition management services you need to make downsizing your estate easy and worry-free. They’ll clean everything from the junk drawer to the refrigerator, replace carpeting, and even clean up after wayward critters.

“When I first called Amy, we were in the process of moving my mother into an assisted living home. Initially, I intended to have her look at just a couple of heirloom pieces. Within 10 minutes of her arrival, Amy said, ‘I can take care of all of this for you.’ What a relief! I lived out of town, and she was just a phenomenal resource as we prepared for this somewhat sudden move. Right away, my mother and I both had great confidence in her ability to recognize both the financial and sentimental value of our family’s precious belongings. Amy was a friend, a consultant and a very, very hard worker. There was no end to her resourcefulness and knowledge.”  ─Pam Conrad

Maintain confidentiality
Amy J. Beatty Valuations handles sensitive items with the utmost care. The company will return important paperwork to you and shred outdated paperwork that has no present-day value. The Amy J. Beatty Valuations team prides itself in being trustworthy and reliable, and it will never compromise your personal information.

Cut through the clutter
With decades of experience, Amy J. Beatty and her team will gladly help you decide what to sell and what to toss.

Additionally, they understand that many items have historic or sentimental value to you and your relatives. When sentimental value challenges monetary worth, they use a calm, sensible approach to discuss a variety of options.

The team takes the items that are for sale and displays them in a manner that showcases their true worth. Instead of haphazardly tossing items into large cardboard boxes, Amy J. Beatty Valuations offers a professional retail or boutique approach, displaying items in an attractive fashion and grouping them with other like items (vintage toys and games, antiques and collectibles, housewares, etc.). This creates an enjoyable experience for estate sale customers and maximizes a client’s return. From Tiffany to Tupperware, Amy J. Betty Valuations will get it sold!

“Amy and her team quickly imposed order on chaos, conducted a thoroughly professional sale, and helped find a home for unsold items—with lots of good advice on the eventual sale of my mother’s house along the way. I can’t recommend Amy highly enough.” —Dave Nichols